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Welcome to our 2012 Newport folk Festival previews! In no particular order we’ll take a look at each line-up artist. Enjoy!

We love Deer Tick. They embody everything we love about Rhode Island. Bad attitude, dont give a shit what you think, gonna do what they want anyhow. They tour incessantly. Their live show is an actual event, not some scripted presentation of previously recorded material. When they blow out of town, there leave a trail of destruction in their wake. We hope they are seen all over the place on the poor island of Newport. The worse the destruction, the bigger the legend. Knock ‘em dead boys!

Also! catch them at Pete Seeger’s Clearwater festival on June 17


Check ‘em out: http://deertickmusic.com/index2.html

recommended listening: http://www.daytrotter.com/#!/concert/deer-tick/20055068-3737501

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